• SIDMOUTH conservative CLUB - New legislation from 25th May 2018 (Ref: Data Protection Act 1998, EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018.   Assumptions:  Any reference within this document are underwritten by Sidmouth conservative Club and any of its trading names.

    On 25th May 2018 the way that organisations hold personal data on people changes and the GDPR is the EU General Data Protection Regulation which will replace Data Protection Act 1998 in the UK and equivalent legislation across EU member states.   GDPR applies to all companies processing the personal data of subjects residing in the European Union, regardless of the company's location.   

    At Sidmouth conservative Club the GDPR is already in force and we are implementing changes to meet the deadline.   One of the principles of these Acts is that you can only process data for the purpose which it is collected.   This means that if you collect a name and contact details of an individual, so that they can become a member of a club, you cannot use that information to allow your affiliates to contact them for marketing purposes.   Also the Club would have to inform people when they join if you are going to transfer their data to another organisation.  As Sidmouth conservative Club stores personal data on its members, GDPR applies to us.

    The data collected by the Club is for membership purposes only and when you sign up this is done through a secure SSL connection and once your account is created.   Your details are used by the Club so we know who you are, how to contact you and your location.   Your details are not passed on to any other party apart from our Email service (MailChimp) and we keep the personal details we hold on you to an absolute minimum so that they only consist of: Name. Address, Telephone number, Email, Car registration(if supplied).

    The actual database is only accessible by three people within the Club :- (a) Club Secretary - for purposes of membership administration & licencing authority regulations;  (b) Club Treasurer - for purposes of membership payments;  (c) Webmaster/Membership - for purposes of email newsletters, information etc / for processing Membership applications etc.

    For members of the Club whose membership has expired, the details will be held for 12 months should you wish to renew, however you can have your membership account and details deleted prior to the 12 month cutoff by contacting us in writing.  GDPR policies state there will be direct obligations on use of your information, at Sidmouth conservative Club we use the following third party for processing data - MailChimp - used solely for newsletters and information for members.  All subscriber email addresses are stored on MailChimp servers and subscribers are able to view their details and unsubscribe at any time.   These emails addresses are not available or provided to any other parties.

    From 25th May 2018 all new applicants will be required to tick a box on the form to agree to their details being stored in accordance with GDPR policies and agree to receiving newsletters/mailings by email.    The email address may be used by the Club for direct contact about your membership but will NOT be provided to anyone outside of the Club or associated with the mailing list.   Every newsletter or mailing has an unsubscribe option at the end of the mailing or newsletter.

    In the unlikely event of a data breach where unauthorised access has been made to member's data, all members on the data base will be informed.

    At Sidmouth conservative Club we have tried to understand and be compliant with the new GDPR rulings that take effect on 25th May 2018.   If you have any concerns about the way your details are kept then please contact the Club, in writing to our registered address or to info@sidmouthconservativeclub.co.uk (attention the Secretary)