• Office: 01395 578389
    • Bar:     01395 514311
    • Caterers: 01395 577220
  • Subscriptions and fees

    Annual Subscription for 2019


    New members who join on or after 1 July


    Car Parking Fee members - daily rate (10:00 am to midnight)


    Car Parking Fee members - 24 hour rate


    200 Club   Per Share


    Major Maintenance draw per entry, The prize is 10% of the total fund drawn once a year


    Inter Affiliation Card


    Temporary Membership per week


     Temporary car parking for members (!0.00am to 2.00pm)


    Temporary car parking for members  (2.00pm to 6.00pm)


    Evenings (from 7.00 pm to 11.00pm)


    During lunchtimes (12pm to 2.00pm)



  • Application For Membership

    I, the undersigned, being a candidate for membership do declare that I will abide by the rules and byelaws of the Club. I agree that any default in the observance of this pledge shall justify the committee in terminating my membership of the Club.

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