• Office: 01395 578389
    • Bar:     01395 514311
    • Caterers: 01395 577220
  • Subscriptions and fees

    Annual Subscription


    New members who join on or after 1 July


    Car Parking Fee members - daily rate (10:00 am to midnight)


    Car Parking Fee members - 24 hour rate


    200 Club   Per Share


    Major Maintenance draw per entry, The prize is 10% of the total fund drawn once a year


    Inter Affiliation Card


    Temporary Membership per week


    Temporary Membership per week for a couple


    Temporary car parking for members a full day (10.00 am to midnight)


    Evenings (from 6.00 pm onwards)


    During lunchtimes (12pm to 2.00pm)



  • Application For Membership

    I, the undersigned, being a candidate for membership do declare that I will abide by the rules and byelaws of the Club. I agree that any default in the observance of this pledge shall justify the committee in terminating my membership of the Club.

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